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Yonsei University: A Premier Institution in South Korea

Yonsei University is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, located in the heart of Seoul. The university was established in 1885 by Christian missionaries and has since grown to become one of the leading universities in the country. Yonsei University is known for its excellent academic programs, world-class faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Yonsei University is a comprehensive research university that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, including business, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The university is committed to providing its students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their future careers. Yonsei University also has a strong reputation for its research programs, with many faculty members conducting groundbreaking research in their respective fields.

Yonsei Korean University is known for its vibrant campus life and diverse student body. The university has many student organizations and clubs, including sports teams, cultural clubs, and academic societies. University of Yonsei is committed to providing its students with a supportive and inclusive learning environment where they can develop their skills and pursue their passions.



Yonsei University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in South Korea, was founded in 1885 by Christian missionaries. The school was initially named “Chejungwon” and served as a medical facility to treat the sick and injured. In 1915, the school was reorganized and renamed “Yonhee College” to provide education to women. 1957, Yonhee College merged with Severance Union Medical College to form The best Korean University.


In the early years of its development, University of Yonsei focused on providing education in medicine and theology. However, as the university grew, it expanded its academic offerings to include various disciplines, such as business, law, engineering, and the humanities. Today, Yonsei University is known for its vital educational programs and research initiatives and its commitment to social responsibility and global citizenship.

Modern Era

In recent years, Yonsei University has continued to build on its reputation as a leading institution of higher education. The university has invested heavily in research and development, particularly in science, technology, and innovation. It has expanded its global presence, establishing partnerships and collaborations with universities and research institutions worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on the future, Yonsei University is poised to continue its academic excellence and innovation legacy for generations to come.



Yonsei University is located in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. The campus is situated on a sprawling 245-acre plot of land in the city’s Sinchon district, known for its vibrant energy and youthful atmosphere. The university is conveniently located near public transportation, making it easily accessible to students and faculty.


Yonsei University boasts state-of-the-art facilities catering to its students’ diverse needs. The campus features modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and extensive libraries. Additionally, the university offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports facilities, music and art rooms, and student clubs.

Expansion Projects

Yonsei University constantly expands and improves its facilities to provide its students with the best possible learning environment. The university has several ongoing projects, including constructing a new engineering building and renovating the main library. These projects are expected to be completed within the next few years and will further enhance the university’s reputation as a leading institution of higher education.

Yonsei University’s campus is a modern and dynamic environment that provides students with the resources they need to succeed. With its prime location, top-notch facilities, and ongoing expansion projects, Yonsei University is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a world-class education in South Korea.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Yonsei University offers various undergraduate programs in multiple fields of study. The university has a total of 18 colleges, including the College of Liberal Arts, College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Commerce and Economics, and more. Students can choose from over 100 majors, such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Political Science, Psychology, and many more. Yonsei’s undergraduate programs are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen field of study and a well-rounded education in the liberal arts.

Graduate Studies

Yonsei University’s graduate programs are highly regarded both in Korea and internationally. The university has 21 graduate schools, including the Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Education, and more. Yonsei offers over 80 master’s and doctoral programs, covering many fields such as Law, Medicine, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities. Yonsei’s graduate programs are designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study and opportunities for research and professional development.

Professional Schools

Yonsei University also offers several professional schools, including the School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and School of Nursing. These schools provide students with specialized training and education in their respective fields, preparing them for careers as lawyers, doctors, dentists, nurses, and more. Yonsei’s professional schools are known for their rigorous curriculum and high-quality education, and many graduates become leaders in their respective fields.

Overall, Yonsei University’s academic programs are designed to provide students with a world-class education and prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields. With a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, Yonsei is a top choice for students seeking a quality education in Korea.

Yonsei University Subject Rankings

Here is a table presenting Yonsei University’s subject rankings with a clear and organized format:

SubjectGlobal RankNotes
Infectious Diseases171st
Materials Science110th (tie)
Mathematics344th (tie)
Mechanical Engineering183rd (tie)
Engineering182nd (tie)
Gastroenterology and Hepatology56th
Microbiology221st (tie)
Molecular Biology and Genetics203rd (tie)
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology105th
Neuroscience and Behavior271st (tie)
Oncology68th (tie)
Pharmacology and Toxicology223rd
Physical Chemistry117th
Physics259th (tie)
Polymer Science171st
Psychiatry/Psychology330th (tie)
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging85th (tie)
Social Sciences and Public Health241st (tie)
Space Science233rd
Surgery95th (tie)
Biology and Biochemistry155th (tie)
Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology143rd (tie)
Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems175th
Cell Biology223rd
Chemical Engineering137th (tie)
Chemistry141st (tie)
Civil Engineering154th
Clinical Medicine95th
Computer Science178th (tie)
Condensed Matter Physics109th
Economics and Business227th
Electrical and Electronic Engineering286th
Endocrinology and Metabolism184th (tie)
Energy and Fuels106th
world Top Ranking Subject in Yonsei University

This table provides a detailed overview of Yonsei University’s subject rankings, reflecting its academic strengths across a wide range of disciplines.


Institutes and Centers

Yonsei University is home to several research institutes and centres which cover various fields such as medicine, engineering, and social sciences. These institutes and centres promote interdisciplinary collaboration and provide a platform for researchers to conduct cutting-edge research.

One of the notable institutes is the Yonsei University Health System, which includes several hospitals and research centres. The Severance Hospital, for example, is one of the largest hospitals in Korea and has been at the forefront of medical research and treatment. The Yonsei Cancer Center is another centre that has contributed significantly to cancer research and treatment.

Funding and Grants

Yonsei University is committed to supporting research through various funding and grant programs. The university provides internal funding for research projects and external funding opportunities through government agencies and international organizations.

The Yonsei Research Fund is one of the internal funding programs that provide financial support for research projects. The fund is open to all faculty members and researchers, and the selection process is based on the quality and potential impact of the proposed research.

Notable Projects

Yonsei University has been involved in several notable research projects that have significantly contributed to various fields. One such project is developing the world’s first transparent and flexible memory device, which Professor Keon Jae Lee led from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Another notable project is developing a new drug for treating Alzheimer’s disease, which Professor Donghoon Lee led from the Department of Pharmacy. The drug has shown promising results in preclinical trials and has the potential to become a breakthrough in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Overall, Yonsei University’s research activities have been at the forefront of innovation and have contributed significantly to the advancement of various fields.

Yonsei University Research Achievements

  1. Advancing Research and Innovation
    • Yonsei University has significantly enhanced its research capabilities, focusing on expanding research funding, especially in humanities and social sciences. It has received a near-perfect score of 98.9 in the category of income from academia-industry collaboration in the Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Rankings 20201.
  2. Global Impact and Recognition
    • Ranked 1st in Korea and 47th globally in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2020, Yonsei University is recognized for its positive social and economic impact, particularly in delivering the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals3.
  3. Interdisciplinary and Convergence Research
    • With 123 research centers, Yonsei University conducts interdisciplinary research across various fields including medicine, biochemistry, health, engineering, materials science, and more. It aims to address societal challenges through convergence research initiatives2.
  4. International Collaborations
    • Yonsei University has established joint funding programs and research collaborations with world-renowned universities such as the University of Sydney, University of Geneva, Emory University, and Tel Aviv University. This fosters global research networks and enhances the university’s international research profile7.
  5. Support for Research and Innovation
    • The university has introduced several programs to support its researchers, including the Yonsei Frontier Program for Outstanding Scholars, which aims to enhance research performance and international recognition by inviting outstanding faculty scholars for collaborative research16.
  6. Research Output and Publications
    • Yonsei University’s faculty and researchers have produced a significant number of research papers published in high-impact journals, contributing to the advancement of knowledge across various disciplines23.
  7. Infrastructure and Facilities
    • The establishment of the Yonsei Center for Research Facilities (YCRF) in 2010 and the introduction of advanced research equipment worth approximately 20 billion won underscore the university’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art research infrastructure1.

These achievements underscore Yonsei University’s commitment to excellence in research, innovation, and its contribution to addressing global challenges through interdisciplinary and convergence research.

Student Life



Yonsei University offers various housing options for its students. There are on-campus dormitories available for both international and domestic students. The dormitories have basic amenities such as beds, desks, and storage spaces. Additionally, off-campus housing options are available near the university, which students can rent on their own.

Clubs and Organizations

Yonsei University has a vibrant student life, with numerous clubs and organizations catering to different interests. There are clubs for sports, music, art, culture, and more. These clubs allow students to socialize, develop new skills, and pursue their passions. Students can also start their clubs if they are still looking for one that aligns with their interests.


Yonsei University provides its students various services to support their academic and personal growth. The university has a health, counselling, career, and academic support centre. These services are available to all students and are designed to help them navigate the challenges of university life. Additionally, on-campus stores, restaurants, and cafes provide students with convenient access to daily necessities and food options.

International Relations

Yonsei University has a strong commitment to internationalization, with a range of partnerships, exchange programs, and global campuses that offer students the opportunity to engage with diverse cultures and perspectives.


Yonsei University has partnered with over 600 universities and institutions in more than 70 countries, including prestigious institutions such as Cornell University, University of California, Berkeley, and University of Oxford. These partnerships enable Yonsei students to participate in exchange programs, joint research projects, and other collaborative initiatives.

Exchange Programs

Yonsei University offers a wide range of student exchange programs, including semester-long and year-long programs and summer and short-term programs. These programs enable students to study abroad at partner institutions while earning credit for their Yonsei degree. In addition to academic programs, Yonsei offers exchange programs focusing on language and culture, enabling students to improve their language skills and deepen their understanding of other cultures.

Global Campuses


Yonsei University has established global campuses in Seoul, South Korea, and Incheon, China. These campuses offer degree programs in various fields, including business, engineering, and international studies. The campuses are designed to provide students with a truly global education, focusing on developing cross-cultural competencies and preparing students for careers in the worldwide marketplace.

Yonsei University’s commitment to internationalization is reflected in its partnerships, exchange programs, and global campuses, which provide students with various opportunities to engage with diverse cultures and perspectives.

Alums and Achievements

Notable Alumni

Yonsei University has produced several notable alums who have significantly contributed to various fields. Some of the most prominent alums include:

  • Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Lee Kun-hee, former Chairman of Samsung Group
  • Kim Dae-Jung, former President of South Korea and Nobel Peace Prize laureate
  • Chung Mong-Koo, Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group
  • Lee Myung-bak, former President of South Korea

These alumni have achieved success in their respective fields and made a significant impact on society through their work.

Awards and Honors

Yonsei University has also received recognition for its academic excellence and research achievements. Some of the notable awards and honours received by the university include:

Here is a table summarizing Yonsei University’s rankings on national (Korean), Asian, and international scales based on the provided search results:

Ranking CategoryRankingSource
National (Korean) Ranking3rd3
Asian Ranking (QS Asia University Rankings 2023)6th overall, 1st among private universities2
International Ranking (QS World University Rankings 2024)=76th69
International Ranking (THE World University Rankings 2024)76th5
International Ranking (Best Global Universities)292nd1
CWUR World Rank169th3
THE Impact Rankings 2023 (Global)14th12
Yonsei University world ranking

Award: Awarded the Presidential Award for National Branding in 2016

These awards and rankings testify to the university’s commitment to providing quality education and conducting groundbreaking research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the acceptance rate for international students at Yonsei University?

Yonsei University is highly selective, and its acceptance rate for international students is around 22%. However, this varies depending on the program and level of study. It is important to note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

How does Yonsei University rank globally and in Asia?

Yonsei University is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Korea and Asia. In the QS World University Rankings 2022, Yonsei University was ranked 107th globally and 6th in Asia. In addition, Yonsei University has been recognized as a leading research institution in Korea.

What types of scholarships are available for students at Yonsei University?

Yonsei University offers various scholarships for both domestic and international students. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and external scholarships. Students can also apply for government-funded scholarships like the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP).

What are the tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs at Yonsei University?

The tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs at Yonsei University vary depending on the program and level of study. As of 2022, the tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from KRW 6,800,000 to KRW 8,000,000 per semester, while the tuition fees for graduate programs range from KRW 7,000,000 to KRW 12,000,000 per semester.

What GPA is required for admission to Yonsei University?

Yonsei University does not have a specific minimum GPA requirement for admission. However, applicants are expected to have vital academic records and meet the requirements for their desired program of study.

Does Yonsei University offer study abroad programs for international students?

Yes, Yonsei University offers study abroad programs for international students through its Office of International Affairs. These programs allow students to study at Yonsei University for a semester or a year and earn credits that can be transferred back to their home institution. Yonsei University also has partnerships with various universities worldwide for exchange programs.

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